October 24, 2012
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34 Reads


I know the Captcha boxes you get when signing in are an easy target, but still.

I screwed up my log-in on Twitter a couple of times, and then this came up:

...preceded by a pop-up that asked 'We just want to know - are you a human?'.

The last time I checked, yes I was. This is why I am unable to read text that has been written underwater and then spacewarped beyond recognition. That is not how you check for humans. It is how you check for deranged alien intelligence.

Also - please stop abusing language by calling these 'words'. A word is a 'distinct, meaningful element of speech or writing'. I am not aware that 'stsBiri' has any particular meaning, and if I search for 'define stsBiri' Google just looks at me funny. The instructions should read 'Type the sort-of-word and then guess at the squirming pile of letters next to it.'

But still, that's not enough for Captcha. What if I'm a human with robotic sensibilities? It could happen.

Best to filter out all humans, just to be on the safe side. So let's include A LETTER THAT CANNOT BE TYPED ON ANY STANDARD KEYBOARD! BWA-HA-HA-HAAAAA!

You see that 'ae' combo at the end of the word 'Tincturae'?

Well, its name is an 'ash' (thank you Wikipedia), and it exists as a letter only in Old English, Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic. Oh, and Faroese.

It's not totally inaccessible of course - I can simply follow these instructions:

"The characters can be entered by holding the Alt key while typing in 0198 (upper case) or 0230 (lower case) on the number pad on Windows systems (the Alt key and 145 for æ or 146 for Æ may also work from the legacy IBM437 codepage)."

...et voila!

It's around this point that I decide I can live the rest of my life without Twitter. I type in 'I am a robot', and shut down the browser.

Is this just me? Does anyone else feel disproportionate rage when faced with Captcha requests? Is there no more sensible way of doing this?!!!

ARGH! I hate Captcha! The amount of times i've had to refresh the word after numerous attempts, and then resorted to having some far away crackly women read it to me. (i still got it wrong)
2 years ago
Hate Captcha, I think whoever invented it deliberately puts in words you can't decipher or type just for their own amusement! I've seena few websites now where they ask you a simple maths question (e.g. 4 + 2 =) which suits my geeky maths brain much better.
2 years ago
Funny. That did make me larf.
2 years ago
ha ha that's funny but so true, although I've never been asked for an 'ash' before, I wonder if its the same key stroke combo on a mac?! x
2 years ago
I share the Captcha rage. I even once tried the vocal one for those who have difficulty seeing to see if that helped. Nope. Still impossible. Last time I check though I was human.
2 years ago
me too - and the listen to version is particularly funny when its trying to read a random collection of letters. More than that though, I'm sure I read recently that its incredibly unsecure anyway - very easy to crack - so WHY?
1 year ago
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